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Medieval Coins

pirate treasure 1598-1621 Phillip III 2 m. spanish coin colonial cob Medieval


Medieval Silver 21mm Templar Crusader Church 11th-12th Century


Medieval Bronze Nummis Coin with Lion c. 1500 - 1690's A.D.


Silver Medieval European denar coin (0G416) madonna and child ferdinand


5 Small Billon Medieval SICILY Coins


Aethelred II The Unready King of England Bronze Styca Coin 1,000 years old NR


Rare Abbey of St. Martin Tours Silver Denier Coin 13th Century 800 years old, NR


Outstanding Viking King Cnut the Great Silver Penny Canute


Medieval Silver Coin Token European Medal Artifact Antique Currency Ancient Rare


Medieval Silver Holy Templar Crusader 1295-1311 20mm Achaea


Medieval Coins


RARE Russian Silver Kopek Coin Wire Money Peter I THE GREAT 1682-1725 Medieval


Ireland Dublin, Edward I, silver penny, 1272-1307


Medieval Silver Crusader Italy Rome Vatican Crusader 13mm 14th Century


Medieval Coin 1200s Duchy Of Burgundy Duke Hugo Iv Denier 1218-1272


A Rare Silver Hammered Crusader Knight Templar Coin Jerusalem


Medieval Coins, Poland & Hungary, 15th-17th centuries


Circa 1272 to 1307 A.D. Silver Edward I Penny from Great Britain


Stunning Merovingian Silver Denier Coin 600 - 700 AD France 1,300 years old+ NR


Austria silver medieval coin 'Pfennig' 15th century - very nice! #26


Medieval Silver Holy Templar Crusades 1305-1323 17mm DeLaRoche


Mixed medieval silver coins In the lot 59 PCs 25,5 g.


15 silver,bronze medieaval coins - Hungary,Austria,other - 12th-17th cen. #105


Stunning Carolingian Emperor Louis the Pious Silver Denier Coin Charlemagne son


Medieval France Bear Jeton Jetton C'est La Malle Best Languedoc Cross Fleury


Rare Pope Gregory XI Silver Denier Coin 1370 - 1378 ~750 years old No reserve


SPAIN. Ferdinand and Isabella, (Catholic Kings), 1469-1504, Lot of 6


Medieval Silver Coin Token European Medal Artifact Antique Currency Ancient Big


Rare Pope Urban VIII Silver Coin 1623 - 1644 No reserve


1593 Hammered English Silver Sixpence Elizabeth I Medieval


Lot of 10 Original medieval coins 16xx solid and others random FREE SHIPPING


Medieval Silver Holy Templar Crusades 1295-1311AD 18mm DeLaRoche